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Frequently Asked Questions

The triple glazed windows cost is determined by considering the following factors:

● The size of the window.
● The type of window.
● The cost of labor.

To know the exact price of triple glazed windows at Smart Homes NI, you can connect with us at your convenient time. As a general rule of thumb it’s approximately £100 more expensive per window for triple glazing.

Double glazed windows prices are generally cheaper than triple glazed windows cost due to the additional layer of glass.

However, triple glazing isn’t always the answer. If it is for noise reduction you’re better to have one layer of acoustic laminated glass with one regular layer of glass, than you are to have triple glazing, all regular glass layers.

The price of uPVC windows in Northern Ireland varies. Here are the factors that determine the cost of uPVC windows:

● The type of window you have selected.
● The design of the frame you have chosen.
● The selection of the frame color.
● The style of window you have chosen.
● The type of glass pane you have selected – clear, tinted, or decorative.

However, you can access our pricing guide on this page to see what each of our window types cost on average.

Yes, absolutely! Triple pane windows increase the value of the property to a considerable level. They are higher in thermal efficiency and significantly more durable than single or double pane windows.

Yes, uPVC windows cost much less than aluminium windows in Northern Ireland. However, uPVC windows perform as efficiently as aluminium windows. They are excellent insulators and thus, reduce costs in many ways, such as:

● Cut down energy costs.
● Reduce maintenance costs.
● Reduce extra expenses that include repainting or repolishing.

You can check our extensive collection of uPVC windows to find the ideal fit for your home!