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All our frames are backed by our industry leading 20 year guarantee. Twenty years of complete peace of mind.


We offer a 15 year glass protection warranty (The industry standard is just 5 years). Enjoy crystal clear glass for 15 years, we stand by it.


We stand by the quality of our work. Giving you a 10 year warranty on all moving parts,
to ensure everything continues to work smoothly.


We’ll never insist on a home visit before giving you an initial quote. We always aim to give you honest open pricing upfront, via phone or email.

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Aluminium Casement (Standard Style) Windows

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Looking for beautiful new Aluminium Bow/Bay Windows?

A touch above the rest, Bow & Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any home.

Bow and Bay windows will flood any room with masses of natural light and offer exceptional panoramic views.

The street appeal of these windows has always been admired, any home adorned with a bow or bay window stands out amongst its neighbours and rightly so.

Although these windows are more expensive than a standard window style, you get so much more in return. 

They’re expertly designed to funnel in natural light, giving your room a warm and welcoming glow, whilst making the room appear much larger and offering a beautiful window seat to kick back and relax.

Looking for new Aluminium Sash Windows?

If you’re looking for period beauty with a striking modern twist, you can’t go wrong with stunning aluminium sash windows. Choose from true sliding sash or an ornate casement window with a faux sash look.

Admired for being historically authentic, our beautiful sash windows will not only enhance the traditional design of your home but also provide you with the security and comfort that can only come from incredibly strong aluminium framing.

Enjoy outstanding energy efficiency from our sash windows as a result of our advanced glazing technology that also lets the maximum amount of sunlight into your rooms.

Known for their exquisite design and functionality, our sash windows are made with the most advanced aluminium frames on the market to prevent damage from rainstorms, heatwaves, extreme cold and any other external impacts.

Our proprietary SmartFit™ method is used to get a perfect fit, allowing us to guarantee our installation for the long-term.

The finish on our aluminium frames can be in any colour you want, which means you have an unlimited range to choose from.

To add a final touch of elegance, we offer a wide range of beautiful handles and locks for our sash windows, leaving no detail to chance.

Along with the beauty of new sash windows, you can also enjoy great ventilation. On warm summer days you can slide your windows open to enjoy a gentle breeze.

These windows may cost more than uPVC frames, but the appeal is in their strength and bold look. Our sash windows provide unparalleled security, not to mention superior aesthetics that exude luxury to all who see them.

We work with customers who want aluminium windows all throughout Northern Ireland. If you want more information, please reach out to our office in either Belfast or Lisburn.

Looking for NEW Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows?

Offering incredible security and ventilation along with easy cleaning, aluminium-framed tilt and turn windows are the smartest option for discerning homeowners.

Although these may cost more than uPVC windows, you are getting so much more in terms of quality and security, not to mention the aesthetics, which exude class to anyone looking.

For homeowners looking for well-functioning modern windows, you can’t go wrong with high-quality tilt and turn windows.

Why not have two styles of windows for the price of one? This is what our tilt and turn windows offer – open entirely inwards for easy cleaning or simply tilt inwards for ventiliation.

This unusual way of opening offers incredible security since the internal mechanisms are made with extremely robust materials that include a multi-point locking system. These windows also provide an effective fire escape solution for homeowners, which is why they’re so popular in Northern Ireland.

Our tilt and turn windows are amazingly versatile, flooding your home with natural light and because of the unique way they are manufactured, they’re much larger in size, allowing you to enjoy unbroken panoramic views.

We’ve designed our aluminium tilt and turn windows to the highest energy-efficient standards, which ensures that you’ll have the highest quality windows on the market today.

Furthermore, we use our proprietary SmartFit™ technique to install our windows, so they are completely air-sealed. This protects your home from water seepage from rainstorms and any damage caused by external factors.

We invite you to contact our office in Belfast or Lisburn for more information.

Looking for new Aluminium Casement Windows?

Out of all the various aluminium windows we offer, casement windows have consistently been the most popular over the years.

These windows have incredible versatility because we’re able to equip them with any style of opener.

These windows may be more expensive than uPVC frames, but the look and strength of these frames is why. This style of window provides incredible security, whilst offering the type of aesthetics that convey luxury to all observers.

Casement windows are classic in style, a design that we are all familiar with since they’ve been used throughout Europe for centuries. Their popularity is due to the various ways they can be opened, great ventilation, beauty, and innovative security options.

You can definitely enhance the look of your home with our sleekly designed casement windows, and you’ll be greatly improving your home’s energy efficiency as well.  

We can also equip your windows with fire escape openers, so you can rest easy knowing that you and your family can quickly get out through your windows.

Our casement windows come in many different design styles, so they aesthetically enhance any home. Each window is tailor made to fit your exact measurements.

These windows are far more secure than most on the market as they surpass governmental standards for security. You and your family will enjoy peace of  knowing that you have added protection from would-be intruders.

Additionally, every window is expertly fit since we install them using our proprietary SmartFit™ method, which completely air-seals them. This way your home is protected against water seepage, draughts and other external impacts.

We tailor-make each casement window to your exact dimensions for a perfect fit. We have offices in Belfast and Lisburn, which enables us to work with homeowners in all of Northern Ireland.

Please give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have. We’re here to provide you with any information you need.

Leading the way

in quality and performance

Thermally Efficient

Grade A++ making your new windows as much as 20% more energy efficient than A+ models (U-value achievable = 0.9)

Advanced Security

All our windows exceed governmental “Secured by Design” standards and exceed PAS24 hardware standards, setting new level of safety for our customers.

Acoustic Isolation

All our windows have triple glazing capabilities which maximizes sound-proofing.

Eco Friendly

All materials used are 100% recyclable.  So not only will your new windows look beautiful, they’re eco-friendly too.

Colour Range

Express yourself with 20 colours available in our range

Now that’s what I call a perfect fit, check out our

SmartFit™ Installation process

To ensure the best performance and longevity of your aluminium windows in Northern Ireland, they must be installed professionally.

The installation expertise is often overlooked and directly impacts the windows’ functionality in the longrun. Assuming that all window manufacturers use the same installation methods is a common mistake most homeowners tend to make.

At Smart Homes NI, we have curated an industry-leading installation standard called the  “SmartFit™ that strengthens the product’s durability and makes it highly energy efficient.

Our “SmartFit™ method is also featured in one of the most popular home improvements website Cosmopolithome that you can read below.


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Our quality design work, and the cause we support, have caught the attention of the media. We love it when this happens because it raises awareness of our company and helps us serve more people like you.

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Polar Bear Certificate (WWF Initiative)

Irrespective of the size of the orders, we make sure to contribute to WWF on behalf of every client. The donated money is used for tackling climate change by minimizing the impact of human activities on the environment and natural resources.

With your support, we are able to reduce carbon footprints while assuring exceptional home improvements. All our order packages are sent with a polar bear gift pack to acknowledge and thank you for tackling climate change with us.

Let’s take conscious steps to make the planet a little healthier for the upcoming generations.

Together, we can make home improvements that we’re proud of.


Irrespective of the size of the orders, we make sure to contribute to WWF on behalf of every client. The donated money is used for tackling climate change by minimizing the impact of human activities on the environment and natural resources.

With your support, we are able to reduce carbon footprints while assuring exceptional home improvements. All our order packages are sent with a polar bear gift pack to acknowledge and thank you for tackling climate change with us.

Let’s take conscious steps to make the planet a little healthier for the upcoming generations.

Together, we can make home improvements that we’re proud of.


Polar Bear Certificate (WWF Initiative)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, certainly there are plenty of benefits to using Aluminium windows in Northern Ireland. Some of which are:

  • Being a low-density metal, aluminium can be used to create slim window frames that are exceptionally strong and durable allow for much larger window productions, producing huge windows that can support extremely large panes of glass.
  • Aluminium windows are highly durable and can last much longer than other alternatives (uPVC & Timber frames) when maintained properly.
  • These windows are available in a wide range of colours, effectively infinite colours are you can choose form any colour on the RAL range.
  • Homeowners love the quality and class that large slimline aluminium frames add to a home.

There are varied types of aluminium windows in Northern Ireland some of which are as follows:

  • Casement: Popular in the UK and across various regions. A casement window is the one that opens outwards and can be hung from where the hinge is located.
  • Sliding sash: As the name suggests, these windows are situated on a vertical sliding mechanism that slides from the bottom. These windows are perfect for any period homes owing to their resemblance to the 17th-century windows.
  • Faux Sash: These are similar to the casement windows that open outwards. What makes it different is that it appears like a sliding sash window.
  • Tilt & Turn: These windows can be opened in varied ways. One can tilt the window inwards and allow for better ventilation without anyone climbing through them.
  • Reversible: As the same suggests, these windows can be swung outwards at 180 degrees. These are ideal for apartments that make window cleaning easy and convenient.

Yes, while purchasing aluminium windows in Northern Ireland you can get two viable glazing options i.e. double glazing and triple glazing:

  • Double glazing: This is a popular and common glazing method. In this, the windows are made of two glass panes that are separated by a cavity filled with inert gases. This facilitates improved thermal efficiency as the amount of heat passing through the window is reduced significantly.
  • Triple glazing: Unlike the double glazing method, this follows a three-layered pane that upgrades the thermal efficiency of the windows as well as reducing noise to great extent.

Yes, you can have different window styles and design options while buying aluminium windows in Northern Ireland. Our range of window glasses includes clear glass, decorative glass, low e-glass & toughened glass options.

For instance, decorative glass involves a specific design or pattern such as the Georgian bars. While obscure glass may include satinised / frosted or beveled glass patterns that makes them ideal for privacy. Our low-e glass is the most durable glass option that allows for the best thermal efficiency.

Our range of aluminium windows in Northern Ireland meets the PAS24:2021 certification which is a uniform security standard for all residential buildings in the UK. Moreover, our additional measures upgrade the security level further. These measures are as follows:

  • Multi-point locking: Our window frames are equipped with varied locking points that make forced entry very difficult.
  • Internal beading: Unlike older frames from the past, our window glasses are inserted on the inside of the frame which makes removal impossible from the outside with extreme force.
  • Key operated handles: This facilitates convenient window locking from the inside thus prohibiting forced external entries.
  • Secured by design: We adhere to this official scheme and certification by the official UK police that recognizes high levels of security.

Since all the aluminium windows in Northern Ireland are made from scratch as per personalized requirements, the lead time differs from one order to another. However, generally speaking, the whole production, delivery, and installation process takes 8 to 10 weeks.

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