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All our PVC-U frames are backed by our industry leading 20 year guarantee. Twenty years of complete peace of mind.


We offer a 15 year glass protection warranty (The industry standard is just 5 years). Enjoy crystal clear glass for 15 years, we stand by it.


We stand by the quality of our work. Giving you a 10 year warranty on all moving parts,
to ensure everything continues to work smoothly.


We’ll never insist on a home visit before giving you an initial quote. We always aim to give you honest open pricing upfront, via phone or email.

Our Stunning uPVC Windows

Over the last few years we’ve seen more and more homeowners move away from the more classical brown rosewood and white Upvc windows, to much more modern and contemporary grey Upvc windows, and the transformations are amazing.

That one simple change, switching a dated colour scheme to a modern grey, totally changes the look and perception of a home.

With prices at the best they’ve been in years, now is a great time to get yourself new grey Upvc windows for your home.

With offices in both Belfast and Lisburn, we are able to cover homeowners across the whole of Northern Ireland.

We’d love to hear from you and we’d love to be your partner in any work you need done.

Our Stunning Grey Upvc Windows


In recent years, a large number of homeowners have replaced the traditional white and brown rosewood uPVC windows with contemporary grey uPVC windows for a more modern and stunning appeal.

Ditching an outdated colour scheme with contemporary grey makes a huge difference, completely changing the perception and look of the house.

If you’ve been planning to upgrade the doors and windows of your place, now is the best time to do it as the prices of grey uPVC windows are the best they’ve been in years.

We cover the whole of Northern Ireland with our operating offices located in Belfast and Lisburn.

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Leading the way

in quality and performance

Thermally Efficient

Grade A++ making your new windows as much as 20% more energy efficient than A+ models (U-value achievable = 0.9)

Advanced Security

All our windows exceed governmental “Secured by Design” standards and exceed PAS24 hardware standards, setting new level of safety for our customers.

Acoustic Isolation

All our windows have triple glazing capabilities which maximizes sound-proofing.

Eco Friendly

All materials used are 100% recyclable.  So not only will your new windows look beautiful, they’re eco-friendly too.

Colour Range

Express yourself with 20 colours available in our range

Now that’s what I call a perfect fit, check out our

SmartFit™ Installation process

To get the maximum quality and performance of the new windows, it’s important that they are installed properly.

Very often, the quality of installation is overlooked by homeowners as they fail to recognize the importance of professionally installed windows. Despite selling the same quality products, the installation outcome varies from one dealer to another.

We take the installation part very seriously to ensure that the windows have maximum energy efficiency and product longevity. Our “SmartFit™ installation method is an industry-leading standard that enhances the performance of the windows.

To know more about us and our “SmartFit™installation method, read our featured article on the popular home improvements website Cosmopolithome.

In the Media

Our commitment to quality, professionalism, and environmental well-being has caught the media's attention. And honestly, we love it! Being recognized for our values and work adds to our brand value and helps us cater to more people like you.

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The next step is a surveyor will come out, just to check everything is ok and all can be done.


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Grey Upvc Windows

Now the exciting part! We’ll be ready to start fitting your brand new Grey Upvc Windows. A fitting normally takes between 1-3 days.

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In It Together

Polar Bear Certificate (WWF Initiative)

On every order that we complete, we donate a portion of it to WWF on behalf of our client’s family. These funds are used in tackling climate change, a pressing environmental issue at the moment. So, with modern grey uPVC windows, you’re able to reduce your carbon footprint and make the planet a little better for future generations to come.

Along with every post, we also send a polar bear gift pack to acknowledge and thank our customers for helping us fight climate change.

It is with the help and support of hundreds like you that we are able to progress in our journey of making this planet greener and healthier for the beings around us.

Come, let’s build a house that we’re proud of.

For every job we complete (no matter the size) we give to WWF on behalf of your family. This money is used to help tackle climate change…so by improving your home and reducing your carbon footprint, you’re improving everyone’s for generations to come.

You’ll get sent a polar bear gift pack in the post as a thank you for tackling climate change with us.

With your help we’re making the planet a little cleaner for the generation coming behind us.

Let’s make ours a home to be proud of.

Polar Bear Certificate (WWF Initiative)

Frequently Asked Questions

UPVC windows are extremely durable, energy-efficient, weather-resistant, cost-effective, and pollutant-resistant. Compared to traditional timber, uPVC windows are more economical and aesthetically appealing.

At Smart Homes NI, you get to choose a uPVC window from a varied range of 20 colors. If you want a more modern and contemporary look for your house then choose grey uPVC windows.

No, uPVC windows require little to no maintenance. You just need to mix a window cleaning solution with water and spray it on the window frames. Then gently wipe it off with a clean and dry cloth. The best thing about uPVC is that it does not corrode, rot, rust, fade, or flake. Thus, you can avoid regular painting of the frames.

Yes, our entire range of uPVC windows comes with soundproofing properties. Excellent sealing in both the double-glazed and triple-glazed windows prevents all sorts of noise in the room. We even have specialized acoustic laminated glass for areas of heavy noise e.g. busy roads, railways tracks or airports.

Yes, we offer a 20-year warranty for uPVC window frames and a 15-year warranty for the glass giving you complete peace of mind for decades.

You can expect a lead time of 8 – 10 weeks, depending on the number of windows and the type of design you have chosen.

Lets Price Your

New Windows

We stick to our Price Transparency Principle and do not mislead our customers with compulsory site visits before disclosing the prices.

We have put an honest pricing guide to help our prospective clients get a fair idea of what it might cost for their new windows, hassle-free..


View our extensive range of colours and window types


See all the factors that impact price


Enjoy a hassle free way of choosing your perfect windows

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4 Graham Gardens
BT28 1XF

Manufacturing and Production:

Ballyharry Business Park,
5 Berkshire Rd,
Donaghadee Rd,
BT23 7HH

Company Information:

VAT number: 456 6860 53
NI number: NI695377