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All our frames are backed by our industry leading 20 year guarantee. Twenty years of complete peace of mind.


We offer a 15 year glass protection warranty (The industry standard is just 5 years). Enjoy crystal clear glass for 15 years, we stand by it.


We stand by the quality of our work. Giving you a 10 year warranty on all moving parts,
to ensure everything continues to work smoothly.


We’ll never insist on a home visit before giving you an initial quote. We always aim to give you honest open pricing upfront, via phone or email.

Our Stunning Contemporary Doors

20 years ago the range of options for double front doors was very limited, but over the last few years a huge range of beautiful styles have become available and we’re proud to offer one of the biggest collections on the market.

From composite to Upvc, modern to contemporary and available in every colour a home could ever need, we have you covered.

With prices at the best they’ve been in years, now is a great time to get yourself a beautiful double front doors for your home.

With offices in both Belfast and Lisburn, we are able to cover homeowners across the whole of Northern Ireland.

We’d love to hear from you and we’d love to be your partner in any work you need done.

Our Stunning Double Front Doors

SmartHomesNI's Black Double Front Doors

Although there was a limited range of double front door options as recently as two decades ago, the market has changed of late. There is now a beautiful array of options for double front doors and we’re proud to offer one of the biggest and most exclusive collections available.

Now is the perfect time to install our stunning double front doors! From traditional to contemporary and from composite to uPVC, we have it all covered.

With us, you can expect to get premium quality double front doors at the best prices. Also, our door products are delivered across the whole of Northern Ireland with offices in Belfast and Lisburn.


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Leading the way

in quality and performance

Thermally Efficient

Grade A making your new door a best in class for thermal efficiency (U-value achievable = 0.85)

Advanced Security

Exceeds governmental “Secured by Design” safety standards, with 10 locking points, four roller cams, two linear bolts, two hooks and a dead bolt.

Acoustic Isolation

All our doors have triple glazing capabilities which maximizes sound-proofing.

Eco Friendly

All materials used are 100% recyclable. So not only will your new door look beautiful, they’re eco-friendly too.

Colour Range

Express yourself with 27 colours available in our range

Now that’s what I call a perfect fit, check out our

SmartFit™ Installation process

Want your double front doors to perform at their best? It’s important to pay attention to the door installation process! Yes, an installation process plays a vital role in getting the actual quality and performance out of new front doors.

However, most homeowners pay no heed to the quality of their front door installation. They generally believe all companies provide similar door products with the same installation processes.

Here at Smart Homes, we use an advanced installation process called the “SmartFit™” method to offer maximum energy efficiency and product durability to our customers.

To know more about our trademarked “SmartFit™” method, you may read our featured article published on Cosmopolithome.

In the Media

Our quality design work, and the cause we support, have caught the attention of the media. We love it when this happens because it raises awareness of our company and helps us serve more people like you.

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SmartHomesNI's Double Front Doors

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SmartHomesNI's Double Front Doors

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Polar Bear Certificate (WWF Initiative)

With an aim to protect fragile ecosystems, reduce carbon footprints, and tackle climate change, we contribute a part of our sales to WWF. The primary motive to do so is to improve the environmental conditions and make this planet a better place to live for future generations.

On every purchase of double front doors at Smart Homes, you’ll receive a polar bear gift pack by post as a token of thankfulness for tackling climate change with us.

So, let’s walk together on the path of conserving natural resources to make our planet a cleaner and greener place to live for generations to come.

With an aim to protect fragile ecosystems, reduce carbon footprints, and tackle climate change, we contribute a part of our sales to WWF. The primary motive to do so is to improve the environmental conditions and make this planet a better place to live for future generations.

On every purchase of double front doors at Smart Homes, you’ll receive a polar bear gift pack by post as a token of thankfulness for tackling climate change with us.

So, let’s walk together on the path of conserving natural resources to make our planet a cleaner and greener place to live for generations to come.

Polar Bear Certificate (WWF Initiative)

Frequently Asked Questions

At Smart Homes NI, our range of double front doors are available in uPVC, Composite, and Aluminium materials. Each with its own distinctive advantages and utility they make for perfect front doors. Factors like your design preferences, security requirements, and other priorities can help you in picking the ideal material for the front door. Create an unrivalled modern or contemporary look with the best quality doors available on the market.

The advantages of installing double front doors are in abundance. Some of the key features of double front doors that make it a popular choice among homeowners are as follows:

• Broad entryway: Too obvious to say, double doors offer a widened and broad entryway into the house thus allowing better movement and natural light to come in.
• Convenient access: Another feature that has made double front doors a viable door option is the convenient access it provides. Activities like loading and unloading heavy larger stuff can be done easily without any hassles.
• High appeal: Double doors available in modern to traditional styles can be the perfect addition to your house and elevate the proportions of the house. It enhances the curb appeal and gives a grand look to your home.

Unlike 20 years ago when the range of double front doors was very limited, now we have a wide range of exclusive collections, from the multiple design options to material choices, you can have the exact front doors custom-made for your house. Browse through our exquisite design and colour options to choose the best ones for your place.

The double front doors come in both double and triple glazing options. Before you make a glazing choice for the front doors, check out what these glazing types imply:

Double glazing: Double glazing involves using two panes of glass separated by an empty space filled with inert gases. It is the most commonly used glazing type for windows and doors in the UK. These facilitate improved thermal efficiency.
Triple glazing: As the name suggests, triple glazing involves three-layered panes that paves way for advanced thermal efficiency and noise resistance.

All our products are backed by an industry-leading 20-year warranty to ensure complete peace of mind for our clients. Along with unparalleled craftsmanship and modern upgrades, premium quality is our top priority and we continue to maintain the high-quality standards we have set in the market.

At Smart Homes, all our doors and windows surpass the governmental security standards and ensure the highest security levels. Made with advanced resin technology and superior quality materials, these double front doors are solid, durable, and hard-wearing. Other additional measures that add to the safety of these doors include:

Multiple locking system: The double front doors come with multiple locking systems that make them strong and prevent outsiders from entering forcibly.
Dog Bolts: The dog bolts installed on the hinge sides minimizes security risks to a great extent. It ensures an extra layer of protection to the hinge side of the doors while a forced entry is attempted.
SmartFit Installation: The installation aspect is often neglected which impacts the longevity and performance of the doors. Therefore, we follow an advanced installation method that ensures optimized thermal efficiency and longevity of the modern doors.
Secured by Design: Our range of double front doors meets the various uniform security standards such as PAS24:2021 and has a TS007 rating. Hence, the security of these doors is second to none.

The price of these double front doors varies significantly depending on factors like the material you choose, design customization, and the size of the doors. At Smart Homes NI, we have a wide range of material and design options that you can choose from. Upon selecting the ideal design and materials you want, you can get the best market rates for double front doors. Request a quote or book a home visit to get an estimated price quote today.

Generally speaking, it takes up to 8-10 weeks of time; however, the delivery time may differ depending on factors like the type of double front doors, the customization, and the order quantity. All our products are custom-made and bespoke to our client’s tastes and preferences.

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Smart Homes is best known for its price transparency policy and honest price quotes! We further the sale process and schedule a meeting with our product advisor to present the official quote only when our customer is happy and content with our initial quotes.

Our honest pricing guide can help you get a clear idea of the costs associated with the double front doors you like. You may read it to learn more about our pricing policy!


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