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Our Story

Smart Homes NI are Northern Ireland’s only ‘Eco Home Design’ company.

We source and manufacture products that are global leaders in performance & security…Expertly installed in your home using our trademarked SmartFit™ method, which ensures exceptional longevity, thermal efficiency & workmanship.

Our Eco status comes from the quality of our products, our market leading fitting process and the cause we support.

Thank you to all the families who have got behind us so far, together we’re not only creating beautiful homes…we’re also building a better, smarter, future.

you’re in great hands.

Our product accreditation and certifications

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Looking for Bold, Striking, Bi-fold Doors?

Looking for Stunning New Patio Doors?

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Looking for Beautiful, Bold, Aluminium Doors?

Looking for a Charming New Stable Door?

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Looking for Beautiful New uPVC Doors?

Looking for Stunning New Sliding Patio Doors?

Looking for a Charming New Cottage Door?

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Looking for Elegant New Casement Windows?

Looking for Beautiful New Bow/Bay Windows?

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Looking for crisp New uPVC Windows?

Looking for Bold New Aluminium Windows?

Now that’s what I call a perfect fit, check out our

SmartFit™ Installation process

All our doors are fit using our bespoke ‘SmartFit™’ method, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and product longevity.  This fitting method has contributed towards our ‘ECO Home Design’ status.

Below you can read a very nice article written about us and our SmartFit™ method, on the popular home improvements website KD Model.

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Smart Homes

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Our Market

Leading Guarantees

Door frame

All our frames are backed by a 20 year industry leading guarantee. Giving you complete peace of mind in the longevity and quality of your new windows.

Door Panel

All our doors come with a 10 year industry leading door panel guarantee. Ensuring you never have to worry when selecting your new door.


All of our glass is backed by a 15 year industry leading guarantee. Complete reassurance you have the best product on the market.


Unlike many of our competitors who insist on a home visit before giving any prices we aim to give honest and accurate pricing before any home visit for a hassle free experience.

Our Market

Leading Guarantees

Our Market

Leading Guarantees

Get a years free window cleaning with our

Smart Look Bonus​

Anyone who buys an entire house of windows and doors (minimum 6 windows & 2 doors, or equivalent value) gets our highly sought after “SMART LOOK BONUS” FREE, giving you a full year of window cleaning on us.

A Few

Simple Steps

If you’ve worked with us before you’ll know the process, but just in case you haven’t we’ve outlined the

few steps below that every customer goes through to get their new Windows and Doors


Choose your perfect Windows and Doors

Talk with one of our advisers or take our “Perfect Doors Challenge” to pick your perfect Windows and Doors.


Time To

Measure Up

Request a home visit or send us your door measurements and we’ll get you a quote.


Secure It

Once you’re happy with everything you can secure your spot.



The next step is a surveyor will come out, just to check that everything is ok and all can be done.


Your Brand New
Windows and Doors

Now the exciting part! We’ll be ready  to start fitting your brand new Windows and Doors. A fitting normally takes between 1-2 days.

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In It Together

For every job we complete (no matter the size) we give to WWF on behalf of your family. This money is used to help tackle climate change…so by improving your home and reducing your carbon footprint, you’re improving everyone’s for generations to come.

You’ll get sent a polar bear gift pack in the post as a thank you for tackling climate change with us.

With your help we’re making the planet a little cleaner for the generation coming behind us.

Let’s make ours a home to be proud of.

For every job we complete (no matter the size) we give to WWF on behalf of your family. This money is used to help tackle climate change…so by improving your home and reducing your carbon footprint, you’re improving everyone’s for generations to come.

You’ll get sent a polar bear gift pack in the post as a thank you for tackling climate change with us.

With your help we’re making the planet a little cleaner for the generation coming behind us.

Let’s make ours a home to be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently supply Upvc, Composite and Aluminium doors.

For a front door to your home we’d recommend a composite or an aluminium door.  These doors are exceptionally strong, thermally efficient and secure so have become the popular choice when considering a new front door.

For a back door we’d recommend a Upvc door.  The choice of style and colour for Upvc doors these days is superb, so they can be fully customized to match your home.  They also cost less than a composite or aluminium door, so they’re great value too.

Yes, we have a huge range of colours to choose from for doors and windows, so matching colours is a breeze.

Yes, we pride ourselves on offering industry leading guarantees on all our doors.  You can expect up to a 20 year guarantee on your chosen door.

The security of our doors is paramount.  You can expect to find doors in our range with 10 point locking systems, 4 dog bolts on the hinge side and a TS007 security rating (far surpassing governmental security standards).

Our Upvc doors start at approximately £900.  Our Composite doors start at approximately £2,200 and our Aluminium doors start at approximately £3,000.

It depends on the door type, but usually between 6 – 8 weeks.

We use Deceuninck Window systems, which we consider to be the best on the market. Over the years we have used Rehau, Kommerling, Veka and Spectus. 

We made the switch to Deceuninck after we attended the UK’s biggest product expo and were blown away by the quality of their frames. We haven’t looked back since.


There are lots of great reasons to use uPVC when upgrading or changing your windows;

  • They are cost efficient and excellent value for money when you consider how well they perform and look relative to how much they cost compared to other materials i.e. aluminium.
  • They are incredibly energy efficient and can easily attain Window Energy Ratings of A+ and above, which is one of the highest amongst any window material.
  • uPVC resists a build-up of grime and dirt and can be cleaned with minimal effort.
  • They are very easy to maintain and have a typical lifetime of around 20 – 25 years,as long as they are maintained.
  • They can be finished in a variety of colours and wood grain textures, giving you the opportunity to create bespoke windows that are unique to you.

There are lots of great reasons to use Aluminium when upgrading or changing your windows;

  • Aluminium is a low density metal, which allows the creation of very slim line window frames which are incredibly strong. They can easily withstand all weather conditions with no expansion or contraction during frosts or in bright sunlight.
  • Aluminium windows are long lasting, offering the greatest lifetime of any window material as long as they are maintained to a decent standard.
  • Huge range of colours to choose from, in fact you can use any RAL colour availaible; https://www.ralcolor.com/
  • They also offer a very aesthetically pleasing and unique look; uPVC and timber windows are much more common so choosing aluminium will give your property a different look that will help it stand out.

There are a number of window styles available;

  • Casement; these are the most popular in the UK, and the type of window you will see everywhere. In order to be classed as a casement window, all they have to is open outwards. This makes casement windows highly versatile. They can also be hung (where the hinge is) either from the top, bottom or side.
  • Sliding Sash; these windows slide from the bottom up using a vertical sliding mechanism. They replicate 17th century windows beautifully, making them a great fit for any period homes.
  • Faux/Mock Sash; these are actually casement window, and operate entirely like a casement window however; they have the exterior aesthetic of a sliding sash window.
  • Tilt & Turn; tilt and turn windows offer a dual hinge arrangement which allows you to open the window in a couple of ways. You can tilt the window inwards, allowing ventilation without the risk of children climbing through them, and you can open them fully internally.
  • Reversible; by swinging out wards through 180 degrees, outside of the room, the revisable windows offers an ideal solution in situation where an inward opening windows may interfere with curtains or blinds etc. It also is a great option for apartments as it easily allows you to clean the outside of the glass.

We offer both double glazing and triple glazing.

Double glazing is provided as standard and makes up 80% of the glazing in the UK. They are made up of two panes of glass which are separated by a small cavity; this cavity is filled with an inert gas such as krypton or argon. This combination allows for excellent thermal efficacy as it reduces the amount of heat that can escape through the window drastically and also reduces noise going out of or coming into your home.

Triple Glazing as opposed to using two pieces of glass like double glazing, uses three. This creates an extra cavity which is usually filled with an inert gas, just like in double glazing. This helps even more with thermal efficiency and noise reduction.

You can have different styles of glass to make your windows more unique and better suited for you and your home. We offer clear glass along with decorative glass, obscure glass, low-e glass and toughened glass options;

Decorative glass is glass with a particular pattern or design e.g. Georgian bars where as obscure glass would be something like a frosted or satin pattern which is excellent for privacy. We also offer low-e glass which offers better thermal efficacy and toughened glass which can be up to 5 times stronger than regular.

Our windows easily meet the PAS24:2021 certification which is the required security standard for all residential properties in the UK. However we also offer additional measures that increase our windows security.

These include;               

Multi-point locking mechanism; which offer locking points around the frame making it much more difficult to force entry.

Internal beading; this means that the glass for the window is inserted on the inside of the window frame (inside your home) rather than the outside, meaning it can only be removed from the inside. Traditionally windows were beaded externally however with improved security features on the frames it makes more sense for the windows to be internally beaded.

Key operated handles; which allow you to lock the window which further increases the difficulty when trying to force entry externally.

Secured by design; this is an official UK Police scheme and certification, which recognises high levels of security amongst a variety of home-improvement products, including our windows.

As all of your windows will be bespoke to your home they need to be manufactured from scratch. This means that lead time can vary depending on how many windows you require along with how many orders our factory is currently processing. However, typical lead time from survey to fitting is usually 6 – 8 weeks.

In the Media

Our quality design work, and the cause we support, have caught the attention of the media. We love it when this happens because it raises awareness of our company and helps us serve more people like you.

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