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All our frames are backed by our industry leading 20 year guarantee. Twenty years of complete peace of mind.


We offer a 15 year glass protection warranty (The industry standard is just 5 years). Enjoy crystal clear glass for 15 years, we stand by it.


We stand by the quality of our work. Giving you a 10 year warranty on all moving parts,
to ensure everything continues to work smoothly.


We’ll never insist on a home visit before giving you an initial quote. We always aim to give you honest open pricing upfront, via phone or email.

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Aluminium Bi-fold Doors


Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Sliding Patio Doors


Sliding Patio Doors

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Looking for Beautiful, Bold, Bi-fold Doors?

Looking for Beautiful New Sliding Patio Doors?

Slide open your patio doors and let the sounds and sights of nature flood into your home.  Embrace your garden with a beautiful Sliding Patio door.

Where these doors excel is in their ability to support exquisite large panels of glass, helping to provide your home with vast amounts of natural light and unbroken panoramic views.

Whilst open your Sliding Patio doors will provide fantastic ventilation and flowing access from home to garden, perfect for barbeques, parties with friends and large family gatherings…a real chance to show off what you’ve got.

With multi-point locks and advanced security measures our Sliding Patio doors exceed the government standards for security; so you can enjoy complete peace of mind that your home is safe.

In addition, all Sliding Patio doors are expertly fit using our trademarked SmartFit™ method, which means they are fully air-sealed during installation to ensure they are able to protect your home against draughts and water leakage, boasting impressive storm proof capabilities.

Coming in both Aluminium and uPVC frames, these doors portray class to any onlooker.

To ensure that you are able to enjoy the exact doors you want, we build bespoke to your requirements, with a choice of glazing as well as a range of handle options to choose from.

With prices at the best they’ve been in years, now is a great time to invest in new, beautiful, Sliding Patio doors.

With offices in both Belfast and Lisburn, we are able to cover homeowners across the whole of Northern Ireland.

We’d love to hear from you and we’d love to be your partner in any work you need done.

Leading the way

in quality and performance

Thermally Efficient

Grade A = Making your new patio doors a best in class for thermal efficiency (U-value achievable = 1.0)

Advanced Security

Exceeds governmental “Secured by Design” standards and exceeds PAS24 hardware standards, setting new level of safety for our customers.

Acoustic Isolation

All our patio doors have triple glazing capabilities which maximizes sound-proofing.

Eco Friendly

All materials used are 100% recyclable. So not only will your new patio doors look beautiful, they’re eco-friendly too.

Colour Range

Express yourself with 30 colours available in our range

Now that’s what I call a perfect fit, check out our

SmartFit™ Installation process

To get the true quality and performance out of your new patio doors it’s vital they’re installed accurately.

The quality of installation is often over looked by homeowners.  They see that 2 companies sell the same product therefore the outcome of the installation will be the same.  Sadly this is rarely the case.

We’ve created an industry leading installation standard for ourselves called our “SmartFit™ method, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and product longevity.

Below you can read a featured article written about us and our “SmartFit™ method in the popular home improvements website Cosmopolithome.

In the Media

Our quality design work, and the cause we support, have caught the attention of the media. We love it when this happens because it raises awareness of our company and helps us serve more people like you.

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Sliding Patio Doors of any colour

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The next step is a surveyor will come out, just to check that everything is ok and all can be done.


Your Brand New
Sliding Patio Doors

Now the exciting part! We’ll be ready  to start fitting your brand new Sliding Patio Doors. A fitting normally takes between 1-3 days.

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In It Together

For every job we complete (no matter the size) we give to WWF on behalf of your family. This money is used to help tackle climate change…so by improving your home and reducing your carbon footprint, you’re improving everyone’s for generations to come.

You’ll get sent a polar bear gift pack in the post as a thank you for tackling climate change with us.

With your help we’re making the planet a little cleaner for the generation coming behind us.

Let’s make ours a home to be proud of.

For every job we complete (no matter the size) we give to WWF on behalf of your family. This money is used to help tackle climate change…so by improving your home and reducing your carbon footprint, you’re improving everyone’s for generations to come.

You’ll get sent a polar bear gift pack in the post as a thank you for tackling climate change with us.

With your help we’re making the planet a little cleaner for the generation coming behind us.

Let’s make ours a home to be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing between these two doors types depends upon your taste, preference, and home requirements. We recommend sliding patio doors if you desire having the largest unbroken view of your garden or countryside, with flowing access in and out.

These doors come with bigger glass panels, thus providing better light transmissions and better views. They are widely known for creating “glass walls”, a popular design in modern homes.

However, unlike sliding patio doors, bi-fold doors can be opened up almost entirely, folding away to leave a large open space between the inside and outside of your home.

Both styles have their benefits and both are great choices.

It completely depends on what you are looking for. However, aluminum and uPVC materials are popular choices. That’s more because:

● Both these materials are extremely durable and affordable.
● They are available in an extensive range of colors.
● The door frames made up of these materials give a modern look to the property.
● They are very durable and long-lasting.
● They involve low to no maintenance.
● Thanks to advanced measures such as glazing; these doors are highly energy-efficient.

Yes absolutely, both our aluminum and uPVC sliding patio doors in Belfast are designed with multiple advanced hardware to ensure heightened security. Here are the amazing features of our patio door products:

● Multiple points locking system
● Internal beading
● Toughened glass panes
● Key operated handles

Our patio doors offer higher levels of safety as they exceed PAS24 hardware as well as governmental “Secured by Design” standards.

Yes, all our patio doors come with warranties. We offer market-leading guarantees for all of our aluminum and uPVC patio doors. On purchasing our door products, you will receive:

● Twenty years of warranty on the patio door frames.
● Fifteen years of glass protection guarantee.
● Ten years of workmanship warranty on all moving parts.
● Upfront honest pricing before providing the initial quote.

All of our sliding patio doors are manufactured from initial design phase to completion in approximately 8-10 weeks. Our team of experts manufacture and customize your door products based on your taste, preference, and home requirements. This leads to varying the expected installation times. The factors that determine the lead times are as follows:

● Door sizes
● Door sections
● Numbers of doors ordered
● Number of orders our factory is currently processing

Usually, the typical time required to complete the entire installation process ranges between 8-10 weeks.

Lets Price Your

New Patio Door

Staying true to our Price Transparency Principle and unlike many companies
who will insist on a home visit before telling you any prices.

We’ve put together an honest pricing guide, so you can get an idea of what it might cost for the patio doors you like, with zero hassle.


View our extensive range of colours and patio door types


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