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We offer a 15 year glass protection warranty (The industry standard is just 5 years). Enjoy crystal clear glass for 15 years, we stand by it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, uPVC doors cost much less than aluminium. However, although the uPVC doors in Northern Ireland prices are lower than their other counterparts, they are well equipped to perform excellently. Not only that, several other merits of installing uPVC doors include:

  • Reduction in energy bills.
  • Cut down on maintenance costs.
  • Eradication of additional expenses such as repainting or re-polishing.


At Smart Homes NI, we offer an extensive collection of uPVC doors at highly competitive rates. So, check our entire range to pick one that perfectly meets your taste, preference, and home requirement!

UPVC doors are cheaper than composite doors. The reasons that cause the price difference are as follows:

  • Composite doors are manufactured using expensive materials and techniques which make the doors stronger and more secure, thus costing more.
  • The thickness of the panel also determines the price of the door product. Compared to uPVC, the composite door price is higher. That’s because composite doors come with a thicker panel of 70mm.
  • Composite doors perfectly match with more colors and finishes while uPVC doors are more limited in their design and colour choices. Thus, the former option is a more future-proof investment.


Despite the difference in their costs, both composite and uPVC doors are viable choices when it comes to looking for a new door.

All products must pass stringent governmental standards to be released on the market, so all choices are safe choices.

In Northern Ireland, the average cost of PVC doors usually ranges between £900 – £1300. However, the exact prices of PVC doors depend upon the following factors:

● Choice of colors.
● Decorative or tinted glass.
● Type of door grids such as Georgian bars or other decorative door grids.
● Levels of insulation.
● Glazing – double or triple.

At Smart Homes NI, you’ll find an affordable price range for all types of doors. You may connect with us at any time to get an exact price quote for the selected door products. Rest assured, we will always provide honest pricing for the selected products.

The overall timeframe required to complete the installation process depends on the factors as follows:

● Choice of material.
● Choice of design.
● Choice of the door frame.
● The total number of products in our factory that are currently in the manufacturing process.
● The number of doors you have ordered.

Usually, the standard delivery for our door products ranges between 8 – 10 weeks. That said, our team of experts constantly strive to deliver the orders as earliest as possible.

It’s pretty easy to check our latest product prices. Simply, fill in the details on the tab named, “Check out our current pricing list” and we will send you the pricing list of our door products via email or messenger.