New Black Fasicas, Soffits & Guttering with Crisp New White uPVC French Doors

Shauna came to us with 3 different jobs in mind, she wanted to entirely rejuvenate her roofline, with new fascias, soffits and guttering, she wanted to replace an old outdated French door at the back of her house with a new crisp white uPVC French door for a brighter look and they had 3 windows in their home which needed replaced with fresh new white uPVC windows also, with the added bonus of market leading thermal efficiency to retain the heat better throughout their home.

After an initial conversation with a product advisor Shauna opted for black fascias, black soffits and black guttering for a very modern look and feel, and opted for French doors with a side panel so they could add a top window for a little bit of ventilation when they didn’t want the full doors open.

The results were great.

We want to thank Shauna for choosing us as their partners and thank her for their lovely review as well.

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