Heritage White Woodgrain Sliding Sash Windows with a Striking Red Stable Door

Shaun came to us with a project to renovate his 200 year old self catering cottage nestled in the Glenelly Valley overlooking the village of Plumbridge.

Being 200 years old Shaun wanted to keep the rustic feel of the property but with the modern advantages of uPVC sliding sash windows and a traditional style uPVC stable door.

After the initial consultation with our product advisors Shaun decided to go for a heritage white woodgrain finish for his sliding sash windows with accompanying brass / gold furniture and a striking red stable door with gold handles.

Our surveyors arrived on site shortly after to measure everything needed to place the order and 8 weeks later the finished product was completed and the results were transformative.

Shaun was very happy to leave us a nice review seen in our gallery and we wanted to add a little bit below about “The Home House” for anyone who would like to visit the area and enjoy his newly renovated property:

“The Home House” is nestled in the Glenelly Valley overlooking the village of Plumbridge in the Sperrin mountains. Situated on a working farm the house offers a cosy feel with modern amenities and beautiful views looking out onto the picturesque Glenelly Valley. Perfect for a family or romantic getaway, it is available for reservations on Booking.com and Airbnb. Being over 200 years old, we wanted to maintain the traditional character of the “The Home House” with sliding sash windows in heritage white and a two part red stable door.

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