Welcome to our window price guide. This page is designed to give you an idea of the investment needed for your new windows.

What can I expect to pay?

All of our windows are completely bespoke for each home. They are measured and manufactured exactly as you need, therefore an exact price can’t be given without measuring first.

It is possible to give a general idea of what to expect though. As a rough ‘rule of thumb’ we recommend you allow £330 per window fitted on average in white uPVC.

Therefore a buyer wanting to upgrade their home with white uPVC casement windows can expect to pay around £3,630 on average.

Please remember this is just a general rule of thumb and is not a guaranteed price. Many factors contribute to the cost of new windows including but not limited to;

  • Size of window
  • Type of glass
  • Type of window
  • Number of openings
  • Type of handles
  • Type of locks
  • Colour (roughly 35% more expensive than white)
  • Material (uPVC, Aluminium etc.)

What else is included in the Price?

  • Choice of glass
  • Choice of colour
  • Choice of handles
  • Choice of openings
  • Choice of material
  • 10 year guarantee
  • SmartFit installation method
  • £5,000 discount pack
  • A portion of the profit will be used to adopt a polar bear in your name. You’ll receive an info pack and a cuddly toy

Case Study 1

Andrew & Joan

This job was completed for the lovely Andrew and Joan. They liked the style of their current timber frames however wanted the security, reliability and thermal insulation that our uPVC windows could offer. They already had French doors and a uPVC back door fitted a few years ago so these did not need to be changed.

In total we upgraded their home with 9 new. Approximate cost to our client was £2,900 fully fitted.

Case Study 2


Meredith wanted new white uPVC windows fitted to replace her old, brown timber framed windows that were costing her a fortune in the winter due to loss of heat. As well as this she wanted a new, white uPVC door with specialised designer glass.

In total we upgraded her lovely red brick home with 10 new, double glazed windows as well as a uPVC front door. Approximate cost of this job was £3,700 fully fitted.

Case Study 3

Jonathan & Elaine

This couple felt their stunning property needed a new lease of life as their current uPVC windows had been around for some time. They also wanted their sliding patio door changed to a set of modern French doors.

In total we upgraded their home with 12 new, double glazed windows as well as with a set of uPVC French doors. Approximate cost of this job was £5,250 fully fitted.

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